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Point of Sales

We provided you with an easy to use point of sale system that is compatible with the E-invoicing regulations and approved by ZATCA

  • It works without internet online and offline (hybrid) with automatic data synchronization to ensure that no data will get lost.
  • Automated connection with all branches.
  • Multiple permissions for sellers.
  • Pay using the electronic wallet and add points to the customer through the loyalty program.
  • Opening and locking the box automatically.
  • Find product availability in branches.
  • Exchange and return from different branches
  • The ability to apply offers and coupons at the point of sale.
  • Free system updates for the requirements of the second stage of the E-invoicing regulations from ZATCA.
  • point of sale devices with all their accessories.

Inventory and stock

You can manage all your branches and inventory through one system!

  • Complete management of inventory operations (stock movement, stock transfer, near-term products, ....).
  • Inventory adjustments (deficit - increase).
  • Manage product characteristics (size, color,...).
  • Preparing value-added tax according to category.
  • Automated approval management of products, images and prices.
  • Sellers sales reports and target achievement.
  • Automated inventory transformation between branches and warehouses.

Accounting and Finance

Whatever the number of your branches, you often do not need more than one accountant, because OXO has provided you with an easy accounting financial system that is directly linked to all your branches…

  • Automatically linked to all points of sale, stores and online stores.
  • Automated restrictions from points of sale and online stores.
  • General system includes deportation from branches and electronic stores.
  • Purchasing, Suppliers and Procurement Management.
  • Income and profit and loss statements.
  • Reports for VAT, trial balance and budgets.
  • Issuance of tax notices.
  • Complete management of cost centers and linking them automatically.


Marketing Management

Market your store and products with ease through the integrated marketing management system from OXO..

  • Manage customers from all points of sale and online stores.
  • Targeting customers through (SMS, Notifications, Emails, WhatsApp).
  • Marketing statistics and reports.
  • Create and follow up all kinds of coupons and offers.
  • Automated and manual customer ratings.
  • Loyalty system (points).
  • Customer E-wallet.

Owner App

Don't be afraid of any data manipulation or sales, with our free owner app! You can simply follow the reports of your stores in all your branches at any time through your mobile in order to manage your business professionally.

  • Available on all platforms (iPhone, Android).
  • Real-time follow-up of the daily and monthly sales of all branches and online store, according to each branch.
  • Reports on the best sales according to each branch and seller.
  • Reports on the best selling products and ratings, profit and demand.
  • Reports on the growth of customer numbers and the average value of the customer's invoice.
  • Alerts when stock runs out.
  • Reports of the best coupons and offers.