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Step By Step to to build your own E-shop with OXO:




You can get the entire ownership of your online store anytime. In addition to our expert’s guidelines & technical support to help you build the perfect E-Shop.

Integration Between Systems

We offer complete integration between all key systems like Facebook Store, Instagram Shop and WhatsApp Business. Our ERP system provides integration between all points of sale, finance and inventory management automatically with the store.

Development Possibility

Foolproof Development possibility according to our clients need.

Multi Countries & Currencies

The ability to sell in different counties through our multi sales system (currency, tax, shipping services).

Free Marketing

Free direct marketing inside your E-Shop by sending (Notifications, Emails & SMS). For example: sending a coupon code automatically to a client that didn’t finish paying for his order.

Technical Support & Hosting

Free technical support & hosting services as well as free consultation & Training with our experts with no additional cost.

After Sales Marketing Service

OXO offers complete after-sales marketing services such as advertising on social media, photography, videography, design, content management, client and account management at the lowest possible cost. Book Free Consultation Now!

"E-Wallet: "

A digital wallet for each client that is Flexible, speedy & user-centric for electronic payment procedure & Loyalty system points exchange through Your E-Shop Apps for quick transactions.

Loyalty System (Points)

A reward system inside your E-Shop that gives your clients extra points for shopping in your store that they can use later in another purchases.

Management & Follow-up

OXO provides every E-Shop a dedicated store/account manager throughout working hours to carry out all necessary tasks including follow up, amendment, development, product and shop management and orders. Book Free Consultation Now.

Multi Warehouses

The ability to fully manage endless number of warehouses.

Engagement Marketing

Make your clients do the marketing for you! With OXO exchanging coupons feature each client will have his own coupon code to share with his friends and family to gain extra points in his E-wallet that he can use in his next purchase. This feature will visibly grow higher your sales and visits number with zero cost.

Smart Offers Engine

- There’s no need for a marketing team. OXO understand the offer that your client wants & needs and send it to them automatically to help increase your sales and purchase frequency according to your own selected marketing strategies and settings.

Automated Costumer Care Engine

Let your clients know how much you care about them to make them stay loyal to your store. OXO rewards your clients by keeping them in track with the latest products in your shop automatically & manually. As well as taking the right action to serve them according to your chosen settings.

Automated Costumer classification

Select your costumer’s classifications according to your chosen standards & OXO will add them for you automatically or manually and gives them the right features that you choose to match your classification.

OXO Point Of Sale (POS), Warehouses & Finance System

Your Point of sale (POS), E-shop, Warehouses, and finance system are all linked in one place and managed by OXO.

Our Packages

Our packages start from as low as 999 SR for the first three months
OXO offers absolutely customizable packages as per the client’s needs and requirements. Get the ownership of your own E-Shop anytime. Consult our team of dedicated professionals and get onboard!

Growth Package Professional Package Premium Package
All platforms (Web, iPhone, Android, Huawei)

Multi Languages

Warehouses Management

Return & Exchange

Create All Types of Coupons & Offers

Sending the order as a gift & Targeting left out baskets

Full Integration with (Instagram & Facebook shops, WhatsApp Business)

Contact Your Clients using (Notifications, SMS, Emails)

All Shipping, Delivery & Payment Gateway. With the possibility of adding new ones

Free After Sale Services (Training, Consultation, Technical Support, Hosting, Updates)

Automated Costumers Classifications


Coupons Sharing

Loyalty System (Points), Gift Cards

Offers Engine, Automated Costumer Care

Customized Store Design

Design 2 Designs
Store manager One FREE Month One FREE Month One FREE Month
Packages Details

NATIVE iPhone, Android & Huawei Applications.
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We offer you an easy and flexible backend system that controls everything in the frontend of your Applications on every platform (iPhone, Android, Huawei). And on your WEBSITE.

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